What people are telling us about the World of Illusion DVD


"Wow! This is the first film I've seen were the sound design is as creative as the visual! A truly mind bending journey!
Scott Russell - AC
Las Angeles, CA

"This is a highly creative work, surreal and dreamlike in it's imagery. And the soundtrack is fantastic! Both zen like and enjoyable in it's mind-expanding, hypnotic rhythms. Bravo!"
Frank Lama - Producer/Director/Writer

"From the description I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm really critical, especially this kind of stuff. But, Wooo! Within the first few minutes I was literally hypnotized. I mean really hypnotized! I lost all awareness of everything but this movie. And, the music and 5.1 score. Its been a long time since music has tranced me like Moody Blues and Pink Floyd. I DON'T smoke the weed, but this movie was a trip. I've never experienced a movie like it before,
but it just works!

Craig Herron - Animator/EFX Artist, Art Director
Baltimore, MD

"I liked it, I turned friends onto it and they said "wow, kool, freaky, awesome, i gotta see that again, i need to buy my own copy, etc.." The visuals alone are sooo kool that we beam the DVD video on the big screen over the dance floor here at the club all the time. And, thanks again for giving us permission to show it in the club here in Berlin, Germany!
Andy Greif - Night Club Manager
Berlin, Germany

"The vocals and music were amazing, I was moved.
The casting perfect and acting right on. Great detail, vivid colors, very stimulating. Definitely
high production value."

Vince - Pro Actor
Los Angeles, CA

"This music is going on my top shelf. You know the place where I keep the stuff I listen to all the time.
It's different, I love this kind of stuff. Joel, I'm
definitely a fan!"

Paula - Pro Musician

"Wow, it was deep. I was moved and then some. It made me feel and think."
Hollys Allen - NASA Engineer
Washington, DC

"It's not like a regular movie. It takes you on a journey that I was really into from beginning to end. Both the music and imagery are powerful but together they become one. Different and really great!"
Will - Computer Tech

"It is definitely eye and ear candy and I know the people I work with at the TV station would
really like this."

Noreen Turyn - TV News Anchor
Lynchburg, VA

"It all just went into me and then massaged
my entire body"

Dale - Nurse
Daytona Beach, FL

"Its the most entrancing hour I've spent in a long time. There was so much drawing me in."
Rex - Construction Manager
Columbia, MD

"I really like this kind of thing."
Quincy - Sales Manager

"Me and a few friends had a smoke, popped it into the home theater DVD then grooved... very cool."
Somewhere? USA

"I was inspired and began to imagine all kinds of things. I like the 5.1 surround mix, it wraps around my head and moves me. The stereo mix is very cool too."
Ramsey - Music Producer

"I love exotic rhythms.. the music was fantastic
and the movie was too. I really enjoyed this.
It is an experience!."


"I'm in love with it!."
Christopher - Music Store Manager
City?, PA

Meloney - Production Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

"Science definitely meets the mystical. Then meets up with the heart. It is a true consciousness-raiser. I could see, feel, and hear the Tao."


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